About Us

Park Avenue Photo is a professional electronics retailer based out of Manhattan, New York.  Founded in the early 1980’s, Park Avenue Photo has been serving the New York City Community for many years. We sell an array of electronics, including computers, televisions, audio equipment, digital cameras, camcorders, major appliances and more. In the new millennium our online presence has expanded and people across the globe are enjoying our products and services. 

There are various reasons we feel that a customer should shop with us rather than another retailer. One of those reasons is knowledge in product. Our staff is highly trained and can provide legitimate expert advice. We are excited about helping to point you in the right direction. We have a lot of confidence in our recommendations. When you make a purchase with Park Avenue Photo, you can have a rep assist you before, during, and after your purchase. You will be provided his/her name, extension, and email address. Another great reason to buy with us is pricing. Our buyers spend countless hours making sure that we have rock bottom pricing. We buy and sell in bulk on the global market, opening opportunities for pricing you could never find in a big box store. A major incentive to buy from us is that orders that are placed outside of NY State are not subject to tax, and we also have free ground shipping.  Additionally, a great reason to buy from us is we offer a price match guarantee on the same model/ make items with all major retailers. If you see it cheaper somewhere else, contact your rep and he/she will make the price adjustment. 

Park Avenue Photo welcomes purchases internationally. We have international shipping options available for most countries. We have representatives that are multilingual so assistance to foreign speaking customers is easy. If you cannot call us from your country, feel free to email us with your contact information and we will have a rep contact you.

Park Avenue Photo wants your shopping experience to be top notch. Your satisfaction is our number 1 priority. If you feel let down in anyway or are dissatisfied with the product you receive, we insist that you request to speak with a supervisor or email Info@parkavephoto.com.

Our History

Park Avenue Photo was founded in 1967 has been a staple in the New York City Community for many years. Since the early retail days, service, price and satisfaction is always been the goal for every customer.

Park Avenue was founded by two cousins who decided to open a small electronics store in midtown Manhattan. Just a stock boy at the time the current owner Mark Tilner worked his way up to Salesman, Manager and in 1991 became the sole owner of the company.

As the decades of gone by, Park Avenue Photo has reinvented itself many times to stay current with to modern times. In the beginning record players, real to reel, and 35mm cameras were the top selling products. In the 80s and 90s it was all stereo equipment, cd players, beepers and of course the early stages of cellular telephones.

In the new millennium Park Avenue Photo is proud to present customers all over the country with our mail-order website. Digital SLR cameras, lenses, audio & video equipment, televisions and computers are our leading popular sellers today. Most merchandise is in stock and a major focus is getting customers merchandise extremely quickly. The same motto of service, price and satisfaction since 1967 still stands today.

Park Avenue Photo hiring team has recruited some of the most knowledgeable associates that you can rely on for technical information. Our training program insures that they understand and are with the skills to help you get the job done. Do not hesitate to consult them for advice. We are here to serve you.

So please feel welcome to shop, ask questions and have good time here at Park Avenue Photo!